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Raider Sea Sky

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Raider Sea Sky 00.10103.08.16.41
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Raider Sea Sky 00.10103.08.52.31
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Raider Sea Sky 00.10103.08.13.31
Raider Sea Sky 00.10103.08.13.20
Raider Sea Sky 00.10103.09.13.31

Trust Yourself

Imagine driving on a secluded highway for hours. Just you, your car and the road. Imagine holding the ropes on a sailing boat and heading into the coolness of the sea breeze. Just you, your boat and the sea. Imagine rushing to the job interview of your life through the awakening city, welcomed by the warm embrace of the rising sun. Just you, your watch on the wrist and the city. In every such moment you trust yourself. You trust your choice of a route, your choice of leading a different lifestyle, your next career step. Or your choice of a timekeeping companion. There is no moving forward without trust. Most importantly, the trust in your own self.

Life Adventure – exciting stories that do not only happen on top of the highest peaks, or in the depths of the ocean. Daily life in the city, in relationships or in business is also full of adventures and breaking-through moments. For every such moment a bold life explorer of today can trust in a reliable and stylish timekeeping companion from Favre-Leuba.

Trust Yourself. Trust Favre-Leuba.