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Raider Harpoon

Raider Harpoon 00.10121.10.14.31
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.52.31
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.52.41
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.52.20
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.13.31
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.13.41
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.08.13.20
Raider Harpoon 00.10101.09.13.31

Raider Harpoon 42

Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.52.31
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.52.41
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.52.20
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.13.31
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.13.41
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.08.13.20
Raider Harpoon 00.10131.09.13.31

Explore Deeper with the Harpoon

Oceans cover 70% of the Earths surface, yet 95% of this wilderness has yet to be seen by human eyes. This unchartered sphere drives a curiosity for many to explore deeper in a wilderness where few venture and relatively little is known. Florian Fischer, a professional marine photographer, is dedicated to seeking natural wonders beneath the surface of the ocean. He captures the imagination with stunning footage of creatures most of us will rarely see in the wild.  Earlier in the year, Florian ventured to the Island of Faial accompanied by the Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon. Diving near the Condor Bank, a submarine mountain rising 1800m from the seafloor. Florian spent days photographing the iconic Blue Shark, while using his Raider Harpoon timepiece to accurately track dive-times throughout.

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